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Virtual Tools for Popular Planning

The potential of the internet for community-based social and economic regeneration is developing rapidly, as the following sites demonstrate.

Creating online communities, provides help and support for community groups and organisations setting up Websites.

Community resources

Community Development Foundation - an organisation founded in the 1960s to assist and support community development

Charter for community internet

Business in the Community is an organisation which promotes involvement by businesses (including 75 or the FTSE 100) in economic and social regeneration

Black information link - provides information to help improve race relations, and celebrating black history and culture

Computer for charity - recycling computers for use by the community

Environmental concerns are often the basis for local community action. The Centre for Alternative Technology based at Machynlleth in Wales, promotes use and development of sustainable technology. Their Website has a virtual tour of the Centre and online shopping

SCHOLAR UK, a training and development consultancy working with members of communities which experience social exclusion; run by Errol Williams, a member of the community group which founded Bridge Park.

Practical Teleworking '98 gives details of a conference to be held 28th & 29th October 1998, in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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